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Our Story Too...
Reading the Bible with new eyes.

Opening doors of ancient closets.

A Lesbian and gay nation.

God blesses the "barren ones."

Some people are born Eunuchs.

Marriage is not for everyone

Same gender relationships in the Bible.

Homosexuality and the Bible...
some important questions

HIV/AIDS...Is it God's Judgment
Is HIV a punishment from God?

Are Homosexual acts sinful?

Does God Cause suffering?

Is sin punished with disease?

What is the responsibility
of people of faith?

Not a sin. Not a sickness:
What the Bible Does
and Does not say.

Homosexuality and the church.

Not A Sin...not a sickness.

New Information refutes old ideas.

What was the sin of Sodom?

What is an abomination?

What is "natural?"

No law against love.

Homosexuality and the Bible...
Good News or Bad News

Is the Bible good news or bad news?

Understanding the Bible in a new way.

Sodom, creation, and the law.

The Law of Love.

It Sounds Greek to me!

Why Inclusive Language

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Information about being Queer
and loving God.

This page will hopefully give you resource about what verses in the bible people use to condemn the Queer community.



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